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The Brander

A Generic Brander Without ANY Hint or Clue About Our Company or the "PLR Manager" Name. No mention about us whatsoever.

The desktop icon simply has a "B" like you see above, and the software splashscreen simply says "Brander" like you see to the right.

Unmarked Demo Videos

You Get the Same Demo Videos We Used on this Sales Page to Demonstrate the PLR Manager Software and the Branding, but Without Our Logo Marking.

Unmarked Tutorial Videos

You Get Unmarked Versions of All 6 Video Tutorials for both using the software AND branding the software. None of our logos appear on the videos.

All Desktop Icons and Splashscreens

Hundreds of Ready-to-Use Desktop Icons and Splashscreens. You can pass these along to your customers and they'll really appreciate it. Makes completing the branding so much faster and easier!

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Sales Policy

IMPORTANT: The Brander and Branding Rights CANNOT Be Given Away for Free or Distributed Freely on PLR Membership Sites. It MUST BE SOLD AS INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AND COPIES. Minimum Sale Price You Must Charge Per Branding Rights and Brander Copy: $17 (Suggested: $27-$47)

You CAN...

Sell Branding Rights and the Brander

Combine it with other products for sale that total a minimum of $17

Sell online or offline locally

Offer it as a bonus for products with a minimum price of $27


Give Branding Rights or copies of the Brander away for free

Offer Branding Rights or Distribute the Brander freely to members of plr membership sites.

Sell Branding Rights and the Brander for less than $17

Offer it as a free giveaway to build your list

Offer it as a bonus for products less than $27

We have this policy in place to prevent the loss of value of the offer. This helps ensure the success of selling Branding Rights and the Brander for a decent price!

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