User Tip: Before shutting down the software, be sure to close all open tabs. The easiest way to do it is to go to "View" in the menu bar, click "Windows List" and then "Close All Documents" if you have a lot of tabs open.

Product Listing Terminology and Uses

1. In each product listing window "Site Where Purchased," "File Location Online," and "Support URL" are website text fields. You should type, or copy and paste, the actual web address url into these fields. Then when you click on any of them, they will automatically open in your browser to the specified location.

2. In each product listing window "Support Email" is for you to type, or copy and paste, the actual email address. When you click on the field, it will open your email application with the address already set in the "To" field of your email.

3. Click the "..." for the "License Location" field and it will open a window for you to choose the file location where you have the plr license on your hard drive. Then whenever you click on that field, it will open up the license for you to view.

4. Same thing with the "..." for the "Sample File" field. For example, if you have one of the videos in a ten-video package set in this field, then it will open up that video with your default player to view it when you click the field. If you have an ebook pdf in the field, it will open the pdf.

User Interface Quirks

1. How to See All The PLR Icons

In the sidebar where the plr icons are located, you'll see a tiny arrow at the lower right corner of the sidebar. Simply click that to scroll down the icons. Then you'll see a tiny arrow appear at the top right of the sidebar. Click that to scroll back up.

2. How to Resize the Display Window

Sometimes you might open the software and the display panel that shows the product listings is too wide. Along the vertical line of the display window, hold down your left mouse and drag the display window to your preferred width.

3. Can't delete or copy links set in the product listings window. They activate the browser when I try to swipe them.

If you copy and paste a long url link in some of the fields of the product listing window, and then you decide you want to delete it, right-click with your mouse over the link instead of left-clicking inside the link field, and then choose to delete the link or copy it.

4. Tip for Setting the "Folder Location"

Find your plr folder for the package or plr type, using "My Computer" or "Computer" and then right-click in the address bar and copy the location. Then paste it into the "Folder Location" field.


1. Software Freezes

If the software freezes on you, it's because you have closed the software without closing the open tabs first.

If this happens to you, follow these steps...

Step One: Terminate the program by starting your "Task Manager" and finding the running program. End the program inside the Task Manager.

Step Two: Restart the software and close ALL of the inactive tabs as soon as the software starts.