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Has this happened to you yet?

Arbitrage Viper Brandable PLR Software

You purchased some great plr package to use for a later date, and you thought you saved it somewhere you'd remember, but when you thought about it a few weeks or months later, this happened...

Has this happened to you yet?

This happens to every Internet Marketer sooner or later, but it never has to happen to YOU again.


PLR Manager Pro V2 Software Takes Your Files From Folder Chaos to Folder Freedom!

  • Keep track
  • Connect Products
  • Filter

PLR Manager Pro V2 let's you keep track of every single detail about a plr product purchase you would ever need.

Keep track of receipts, seller information, licenses - and you can even access one of the files, such as an ebook or video, directly from inside the software.

Brandable Software

PLR Manager Pro V2 includes other useful tools too!

Create Reports

The report maker gives you all of the best features of a word processor, along with the ability to save and clone reports directly inside the software. Save as PDF and other popular file types with ease.

Make Spreadsheets

Make new spreadsheets of your own or import spreadsheets you already made with Excel or Open Office. Save and clone spreadsheets just like you'll be able to do with the report maker.

Diagram Your PLR

Use the drag-n-drop diagram tool to plan your next product launch. Map everything out, including what products will be connected to other products - save your diagrams as images, and even clone them for an easy start next time.

Find The Best Keywords

The long-tail keyword research tool included with PLR Manager Pro V2 is fast and complete. It doesn't stop searching until you tell it to, and it brings back better results than you'll find with similar premium software.

"One of my favorite internet marketing tools. I use PLR Manager every week if not every day. It helps me keep everything organized and ready for use."

-Kendra Phipps-

Did Somebody Say Cover Creator?

​You'll also have access to our cover creator that makes creating new covers for all your plr products a snap!

PLR software

Over 9000 Stunning Photos

Over 9000 Stunning Photos Included.

And we're giving you over 9000 fully optimized photos to use for all of your new cover designs.

Tutorials, Outstanding Support, and Our Rock Solid Guarantee.

28 Training Videos

If you've ever had difficulty using plr, you won't after going through this training course that will take you from zero to hero in record time. Learn how to do exactly what you need to do to make money with plr products.

Outstanding Support

If you have any issues at all, you can count on us for prompt help. We don't make you wait for days and most support requests are handled by us within 2 hours.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our money-back guarantee really is rock solid. Try the PLR Manager Pro V2 software for 30 days. If you don't like it, submit a support ticket for a full refund and a full refund is exactly what you will get. No risk all the way.

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PLR Manager Pro V2 is ONLY for Desktops, Laptops, Netbooks and Tablets Running the Windows operating system.