User Tip: Before shutting down the software, be sure to close all open tabs. The easiest way to do it is to go to "View" in the menu bar, click "Windows List" and then "Close All Documents" if you have a lot of tabs open.

PLR Manager Quick Start Guide

      If You Own The Old Version of PLR Manager...

      1. IMPORTANT: If you currently own PLR Manager, it is NOT COMPATIBLE with the new PLR Manager Pro V2. The new version has been completely recoded to work with all modern versions of the Windows operating system, and is HTML5 compliant. The old version is not.

      You must manually uninstall the old version of PLR Manager before installing PLR Manager Pro V2. Your files will NOT be imported. You must manually add any file information you had in the old version to the new version.

      We apologize for the inconvenience, but there was no way to make the new version import file information from the old version.

      New User Interface Features

      1. All clickable sections and windows will open up in tabs inside the software, rather than in pop up windows.

      If you are running a slow computer, you must close all tabs before exiting the software. If you do not, then you risk the software freezing up on you the next time you start it and when switching between tabs.

      If the software freezes up, you'll need to terminate the software by using the Windows "Task Manager", which you can usually start up by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DELETE keys on your keyboard.

      If you cannot stop the software using the Task Manager, simply restart your computer. No damage to the software or to any of your files will occur. Again, this only applies to slow computers, such as netbooks or tablets. Most fast computers will never experience a software freeze.

      2. The entire top menu ribbon can be minimized by clicking the upward arrow at the bottom right corner of the ribbon.

      You can also toggle the ribbon by using the toggle button at the top right corner of the ribbon.

      You can also toggle the left navigation pane by clicking the pin button.

      Adding Your PLR

      1. You'll find all of the PLR management types by clicking the "My PLR" button in the left-hand sidebar.

      2. When listing a new plr product, click the "New" button in the menu bar at the top. You'll see it when you click on one of the plr icons.

      3. After clicking the "New" button, the plr product listing window opens in a new tab. Enter all of the details you like for a plr product you have, then click the "Save" button or "Save and Close".

      How Categories and Subcategories Work

      1. You must also type a category name and subcategory name if you want to see "category" and "subcategory" listings in the main grid area next to the product details window.

      2. To assign a new product listing to the same category or subcategory as another product listing, simply type the same category name and subcategory name in the product listing window for the new product. Note: Category and subcategory naming is case-sensitive.

      3. To assign a new product listing to a new category or subcategory, simply type a new category name and subcategory name in the product listing window for the new product.

      We avoided making a categories and subcategories drop-down box, because there would be hundreds to choose from, making it time-consuming. Better to let you manually type what you like.

      Cross-referencing Your PLR

      1. You'll notice a series of tabs in the bottom right corner of each window that pops up after clicking the "New" button. There will be tabs for "Ebooks," "Articles," "Graphics", and so on, in a box, and depending on what plr type you clicked on.

      2. When you add a plr product that contains different plr types, the box is useful for seeing what other plr types you have that are part of the same package. It's also good for associating similar products you want to bundle together for sale.

      3. For example: Let's say you buy a plr package that contains videos, an ebook, some graphics, and audio versions of the ebooks.

      You would first start off by listing the most valuable item in the package, which would be the videos. So you would click the video icon, and in the window that pops up, you'd add the details, then add your other package items using the box in the lower right corner.

      4. You add an item in the box by clicking the link icon seen below.

      5. Then click the "New" button in the new window that pops up, or choose a product that is already listed. If you clicked the link icon for the Ebooks tab, for example, then that will bring up the window for listing your ebook that is part of the video package.

      6. Just use the tabs and continue listing the different plr type products that are part of the same package. Not only will those other plr products show up when you look in your listing window for the main product of the package, but they will also be listed generally with other plr products of the same type in the main window and under the category and subcategory you type for them.

      Using Filters to Search

      1. Right-click anywhere directly on the column bar to open the context menu where you can choose to use the Filter Editor.

      2. The Filter Editor pops up and you'll see a line with 3 clickable links. Click each link to see the options. The first link allows you to search by any column heading (column headings correspond to each of the details in the product window where you list the plr product details); the second link gives you the option to search by "begins with", "includes" etc.., and the third link is where you type in the value you are searching for.

      3. So, for example, I might click the first link and choose to search by "Product Name", and then click the second link and choose "Includes", and then click the third link and type in "marketing".

      It is like me telling the software to give me only results that "includes" the word "marketing" in the "Product Name".

      When you click "Ok", the software will filter all the the results of your plr and only show you the plr that meets the 3 links criteria you have chosen. At the bottom of the software window you'll see a bar show up and that is the filter. You can click the "Edit" button to bring the filter back up to change the results or add more criteria.

      Product Listing Terminology and Uses

      1. In each product listing window "Site Where Purchased," "File Location Online," and "Support URL" are website text fields. You should type, or copy and paste, the actual web address url into these fields. Then when you click on any of them, they will automatically open in your browser to the specified location.

      2. In each product listing window "Support Email" is for you to type, or copy and paste, the actual email address. When you click on the field, it will open your email application with the address already set in the "To" field of your email.

      3. Click the "..." for the "License Location" field and it will open a window for you to choose the file location where you have the plr license on your hard drive. Then whenever you click on that field, it will open up the license for you to view.

      4. Same thing with the "..." for the "Sample File" field. For example, if you have one of the videos in a ten-video package set in this field, then it will open up that video with your default player to view it when you click the field. If you have an ebook pdf in the field, it will open the pdf.

      User Interface Quirks

      1. How to See All The PLR Icons

      In the sidebar where the plr icons are located, you'll see a tiny arrow at the lower right corner of the sidebar. Simply click that to scroll down the icons. Then you'll see a tiny arrow appear at the top right of the sidebar. Click that to scroll back up.

      2. How to Resize the Display Window

      Sometimes you might open the software and the display panel that shows the product listings is too wide. Along the vertical line of the display window, hold down your left mouse and drag the display window to your preferred width.

      3. Can't delete or copy links set in the product listings window. They activate the browser when I try to swipe them.

      If you copy and paste a long url link in some of the fields of the product listing window, and then you decide you want to delete it, right-click with your mouse over the link instead of left-clicking inside the link field, and then choose to delete the link or copy it.

      4. Tip for Setting the "Folder Location"

      Find your plr folder for the package or plr type, using "My Computer" or "Computer" and then right-click in the address bar and copy the location. Then paste it into the "Folder Location" field.


      1. Software Freezes

      If the software freezes on you, it's because you have closed the software without closing the open tabs first.

      If this happens to you, follow these steps...

      Step One: Terminate the program by starting your "Task Manager" and finding the running program. End the program inside the Task Manager.

      Step Two: Restart the software and close ALL of the inactive tabs as soon as the software starts.